Corporate Capabilities

Since 2006, Digital Consultants, LLC has used cutting-edge information technology methodologies and tools to solve the difficult information technology issues of our clients. Leading with our people, our mission is to deliver the highest level of professional solutions while becoming our client’s trusted partner and advisor. Leveraging our employees and in collaboration with our customers, we develop offerings that satisfy the needs of the end user thereby creating tangible and focused results.  This mentality drives the company’s mission of recruiting the best people, nurturing a creative atmosphere, and investing in innovation to empower our clients. Our core capabilities include Information Technology Operations and Engineering Services, Audio Visual and Video Teleconference Design, Installation, and Support, Cybersecurity Operations, Data Management, Mission Support Training, Secure Communications Solutions, and Emergency Preparedness Services.

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Core Capabilities

Information Technology Operations and Engineering Services

Digital Consultants provides our customers and partners with unmatched expertise in enterprise, system, project, and application level solutions. From supporting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to today, we developed years of experience in providing solutions tailored to meet our customer’s needs. We provide a full spectrum of information technology lifecycle services to include:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Service Desk (Tier I/II/III)
  • Network Operations
  • Server Administration for Windows and Linux Systems
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Network Infrastructure, Design, Integration, and Testing
  • Database & Software Development
  • Virtual Desktop Design and Implementation
  • Inventory and Asset Management

Audio Visual and Video Teleconference Design, Installation, and Support

Cybersecurity Operations

From small conference rooms to major command centers, we design and build custom AV/VTC solutions across multiple security classifications for our clients. We work closely with our clients to analyze the technical and site requirements and develop modern and cost-effective AV/VTC solutions to improve our client’s ability to collaborate securely around the world. Our services include:

  • Design of your AV/VTC system
  • Installation during or post construction
  • Programming of control systems
  • Conference room installation of both video conferencing and audio conferencing
  • Flat panel TV installations, Digital Signage, Video Walls
  • Projection systems and sound systems
  • Custom designed command center furniture
  • Maintenance and upgrades of existing systems

Digital Consultants has extensive experience providing watch operations and subject matter expert support for Cyber Security Operations Center missions in the DoD. Our watch support staff monitor all forms of communication and information feeds to perform real time cyber risk triage allowing clients to prioritize the allocation of resources based upon realistic risk assessment factors. Our support capabilities include:

  • End Point Security (HBSS, STIGS, IAVA, HIPS)
  • ACAS Management Support
  • Account and Active Directory Security Group Scrutiny and Auditing Support
  • Network Defense Watch Office Support
  • Active Detection & Prevention Program Support
  • Incident Handling and Reporting

Data Management

Mission Training Support

In collaboration with customer stakeholders, we establish operational and analytical goals for exploitation of large and complex data sources to operationalize data analytics to support customer mission requirements. We select an agile and scalable approach, permitting adaptation to changing requirements. This includes:

  • Understanding current business processes, data sources, and analytical methods;
  • Identifying detailed characteristics of big data sources;
  • Defining analytics and new/revised business process needed to solve the problem;
  • Vetting established analytical goals and requirements with stakeholders; and
  • Conducting a capability proof-of-concept if required.

Digital Consultants offers a broad range of mission-focused training methods, including classroom, virtual & simulation, and on-site training teams. We provide the development and delivery of course materials as part of our lifecycle training support. Our skilled and experienced instructors remain updated on the most relevant information in their respective fields and continuously review their methods and materials to ensure the highest levels of student interest and information retention. We apply a personalized and contemporary approach to each of our projects to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality training services available.

Wireless Communication Solutions

Emergency Preparedness Services

Digital Consultants has expertise assisting agencies ensure their communication systems are reliable, resilient, scalable and cost-effective.  We are experts in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems as well as backhaul systems — microwave and laser.

Our LMR expertise covers analog and digital voice and data systems — particularly P25. We provide installation and maintenance services for LMR devices, systems, and infrastructure. This includes installation and removal services for vehicles to include LMR, Integrated Control Head and associated Public Safety Response Equipment, GPS Equipment, Mobile Computer Terminal, Cellular, Satellite-based systems, VoIP and other IP- based communications systems.

Our microwave and laser line of site system services include rooftop, tower or monopole installations which includes all cabling, grounding, and link alignment and testing. Our testing services ensure precise alignment of antenna at both ends of the link and validates the expected link data speeds.

Digital Consultants senior leadership have expert knowledge of federal requirements regarding continuity planning. They led and/or supported continuity policy development (PPD-40, National Continuity Policy, and Office of Science and Technology Policy/Office of Management and Budget D-16-1 Minimum Requirements for Federal Executive Branch Continuity Communications Capabilities), planning, operations, and program management at the highest levels of government. We draw on this experience to develop and maintain comprehensive COOPs and DR plans that prepare agencies to handle disruptive events efficiently and effectively, no matter what form they take.